Brand Ambassador

How can you be a part of our Pawtitas Family? Here’s a simple read of how you can do just that!

If you're a dog parent or simply a dog enthusiast who enjoys capturing moments with your furry friend and showcasing their unique personality, we invite you to join our team or what we love to call Family!

Qualifications to be a Pawtitas Brand Ambassador

  • Maintain an active and public social media profile, and ensure you are following us on Instagram.
  • Have made a prior purchase from us, from any of our online platforms
  • Grant permission for us to utilize your photos/videos on our social media platforms, marketplaces, and website.

  • If you’re interested in being a part of our team, click this link to fill out your application.

    What are some perks that you can receive from becoming a brand ambassador?

    • Exclusive 15% Off Discount: You can enjoy special discounts of up to 15% on a wide range of pet products available in your online store.
    • Sneak Peek at New Releases: You can be the first to try out and showcase new pet products before they are officially released to the public.
    • Exposure Across Social Media, Marketplaces, and Websites: Your pet and your content will be featured on our social media platforms, marketplaces, and websites
    • Exclusive Events and Contests: Get the chance to participate in our special events or exclusive contests.
    • Unique 10% Discount Code for Your Followers: Provide them with an exclusive 10% discount code.
    • Earn Store Credit Commission: Get a 10% commission in store credit for every purchase made by your followers using your unique code.

    Tasks as an Ambassador:

    • The ambassador must upload 2 posts per month in the feed, 2x in stories share a promo code
    • Display the code in the highlights section along with your bio.
    • Announce product launches, giveaways, promotions, and similar events.
    • Provide us with edited and unedited photos for social media, marketplaces, and websites.