About Us



Pawtitas was born out of deep love for our furry children, Arky a Yorkie with a super personality of 7 pounds, Princess a golden retriever, the flirty and friendly one from the neighborhood, Capitan Hook, and Skippy the curious and funny felines of the family.


We undertook this dream and love of giving the best of ourselves to families like ours who love animals. We always enjoy long walks, and we want to be sure that they can be seen from long distances in the deep of night. As we could not find products that meet our standards of safety and trust, we began to design and create our own accessories. Our models were always our furry children, filling us with joys and witticisms. Each color, design, and product was created based on their needs. 

Our founder Carolina had some health problems at an early age which prompted her to seek and love an all-natural, toxin-free lifestyle helping her on her way to a better quality of life. Herbalist for love and passion applied her knowledge over the years with the dream of helping her pets that due to advanced age required more care to improve their quality of life.

As lovers of an integrated approach to the whole body and mind, we handcraft in Hollywood, Florida an all-natural, holistic, vegan pet care line based on the highest standards of certified organic ingredients.



You will find all sorts of shampoos for regular, sensitive, and itchy skin, healing balms for all kinds of skin conditions, dog nose balm, dog paw balm, dog-ear solutions, dog deodorants, dog dental sprays, and more.

As a pet store, we handcraft, manufacture, and design our products. Among our collections, you will find various collars, leashes, and harnesses for dogs and cats. Our main warehouse is located in the USA, making sure all your products are delivered to your home for the enjoyment and happiness of your best friend.

We are a global brand, you can find our products in the USA, Canada, Mexico, Europe, Japan, and more!

 Our mission is to bring joy, and confidence to spread love to every fur baby. For this reason, we have donated to institutions such as the Best friend Animal Foundation, Barcs Baltimore Animal Rescue and Care Shelter, Abandon Pet Rescue in Florida, donations to Pet Shelters in Europe and South America, as well children in need as Linked by A Dream Foundation. We are a family business with social responsibility, and our mission is to provide you with high-quality and unique products that are safe, practical, stylish, and offer superior comfort for fur babies and their families. And a percentage of your purchase supports pets in need.