Pawtitas Dog Deodorant Spray Eucalyptus Spearmint
Dog Deodorant
Dog Deodorant Spray Eucalyptus and Spearmint
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Dog Deodorant Spray - Eucalyptus & Spearmint 8oz

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Pamper your pet friend with our organic pet products, crafted with gentle certified organic  ingredients 

  • Plant based 
  • Handcrafted in Small Batches
  • Proudly Made in the USA
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Step 1: Prepare your dog for the spray routine and make a distraction such as training treats or your pet's favorite toy. Make sure to shake the bottle well before use.

Step 2: For easy no-mess application, spray the Pawtitas Deodorant on your dog's dry or wet coat and brush gently. Avoid spraying on the face, ears, under the tail, and genital area.

Step 3: Remember to keep the spray 5 to 6 inches away from your dog's fur and consider giving your pet a belly rub as a positive and comforting experience.

Step 4: Reward and Positive Reinforcement with a treat or playtime. Make sure to create a positive association with the spray routine.

Step 5: Enjoy and have fun with your fresh and odor-free dog!
Our Pawtitas Dog Deodorant Spray - Eucalyptus & Spearmint is your natural solution for a refreshing and delightful experience for your dog! Crafted with the 100% certified organic ingredients, including, Witch Hazel, Vegetable Glycerin, Eucalyptus and Spearmint, our deodorant spray may help your dog stay wonderfully fragrant between baths. With the use of extract from plants, enjoy the benefits of aromatherapy. Our Dog Deodorant Spray is recommended for dogs with sensitive skin and also for pet parents who are also sensitive to strong scents. This deodorant may promote relaxation, comfort, an odor-free coat, and an easy cleanse for the fur and skin without having to bathe because all you need is its spray feature and a brush. It is designed to provide a holistic, paraben, and cruelty-free experience.
Purified Water
Certified Organic Witch Hazel
Certified Organic Aloe Vera
Certified Organic Vegetable Glycerin
Certified Organic Eucalyptus Fragrance
Certified Organic Spearmint Fragrance
These are some natural ingredients in the Dog Deodorant Spray - Eucalyptus & Spearmint which provide key benefits for your dog's skin & coat:

Witch Hazel

Witch hazel may help reduce skin inflammation by contracting and tightening tissue, thanks to its rich tannin content. This possible healing effect is attributed to the presence of tannins in the small, yellow-flowered North American shrub known as witch hazel.

Aloe Vera Leaf

Aloe offers numerous benefits, including antibacterial, antifungal, and anti-inflammatory properties. Its natural attributes make it a valuable resource that may help promote skin health and overall well-being.
PET Bottles

Stored in PET Bottles that are 100% recyclable and highly sustainable. They're considered to be lightweight, lesser carbon footprint than their alternatives, and are the most recyclable plastic in the entire world. Its one-of-a-kind material makes it versatile and environment-friendly.
Handcrafted in small batches in the USA.
  • Free Shipping Above $50 (USA Only)
  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee
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