Black Traffic Reflective Dog Collar
Traffic Reflective Dog Collar Model
Traffic Reflective Dog Collar
Traffic Reflective Dog Collar
Traffic Reflective Dog Collar
Traffic Reflective Dog Collar
Traffic Reflective Dog Collar
Blue Traffic Reflective Dog Collar
Green Traffic Reflective Dog Collar
Grey Traffic Reflective Dog Collar
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Traffic Reflective Dog Collar

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With the various designs of collars here on Pawtitas. We also created a Traffic Reflective Dog Collar for your furry pet. With this dog collar, you can make your fur baby shine during the day or night with style and comfort.

  • REFLECTIVE PROPERTIES: The reflective material on this collar provides visibility and safety by providing reflective lighting even during extreme low light conditions.
  • ERGONOMICALLY DESIGNED: Pawtitas has designed this collar for you and your pup to be comfortable with the simplicity it emits during walks at the park.
  • GREAT COLOR SELECTION: With the traffic reflective dog collar, there are also a number of colors to choose from that will suit you and your fur-iend’s liking with whatever activity you are engaging in.
  • For the safety and comfort of your pet, we recommend measuring them prior to the purchase of the dog collar.


Safety Information

Keep out of reach of children. Always inspect the product for any damage before each use. DO NOT USE IF DAMAGED. Consult your physician/veterinarian before you/your dog start this or any exercise routine. Do not allow your pet puppy puppies or dog to chew this product as this may damage the product.

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You Can Have Results Like This



I've tried lots of products. This one seem to help my dog the most for day to day itching. It's light, it doesn't leave a weird residue and smells nice. Helps her not be itchy in-between baths. Helped moisturize her super dry areas too.

Rutland, VT

The ingredients are organic which is a big plus for me, the spray is definitely natural you can tell by the soothing smell. My dog has dermatitis I used on the area 3 times a day with great results after 4 days of use. The Itching has stop, you only need to be consistent and patient. I wipe the skin with a wet towel before applying it. Highly recommended.

Philadelphia. PA

I am always looking for good quality natural shampoos and conditioners for my pets. I stumbled upon this one and I’m so glad I got it. It works really well with different coats. Even my sensitive skin lab looks and feels great after using it on him. Plus who doesn’t love the smell of lavender!

Los Angeles, CA

This product has helped my dog with her eczema and dry flaky skin tremendously. She doesn't spend the entire day scratching and is enjoying playing again instead of being miserable.

Severna Park, MD

In a matter of days his heat rash got better. It looked raw and very sensitive between Max's legs. I bought this and it looks like a chapstick tube, and after applying for two days, it looked better. The color of his skin is almost the same. I recommend this to you if your dog's skin is looking raw from licking. It is substantially cheaper than going to the vet.

Newark, NJ