Going out for a nice brisk walk with your pooch is one of the great joys of pet ownership. But, it can turn into a battle if you don’t have the right equipment. A tough, stylish and durable collar is a necessary purchase, and having the correct lead can make a massive difference to the enjoyment and safety of the walk for you and your dog.


A collar is essential for your dog. A wide range of collars are available, from traditional nylon and leather to those used for specific training purposes. If you walk your pet with a collar and leash rather than a harness, perhaps consider a collar that will not come undone with excessive pulling like the durable Pawtitas Dog Collars. The type of clasp is necessary: metal can rust, and the smaller plastic clips can break. Consider spending a bit more to get proper stainless steel and secure fasteners.

A collar should be snug enough not to come off over the head, but you should be able to fit three fingers underneath. As a general rule, try to choose a wider collar so that if your dog lunges against the leash, the force applied by the collar against the dog’s trachea is spread over a larger area.

Also, think about your dog’s daily activities; for example, if your dog likes to swim regularly, then a leather collar is not ideal. If your dog does swim, we want the PAWTITAS PET SOFT ADJUSTABLE REFLECTIVE PADDED DOG COLLAR, made of neoprene so that it repels water and also is reflective. This style is safe to leave on even when your dog gets wet.

pawtitas padded dog collar



If your dog is energetic or frequently lunges against the leash, a harness will be safer and more comfortable when walking. Harnesses are also much more secure for dogs that tend to slip their collars.


front-clip dog harness gives you much more control, as most harnesses that attach behind the shoulder blades allow your dog to pull with his entire body weight, similar to pulling a sled. This can be particularly bad if you have strong dog or shoulder issues. With a front attachment point, your dog soon learns that if he pulls ahead, it is tough to walk in a straight line, and walking by your side is much easier.

Harnesses are also recommended for tiny dogs because their tracheas can easily be damaged when pulling against a collar, which is why they often cough. Dogs with flat faces and shallow eye sockets are also at risk of eye damage when pulling on a collar or choke chain.

If you regularly take your dog in the car, many harnesses have an additional loop that allows you to thread through the seat belt. It is a legal requirement to have your pet restrained while traveling in a car, ensuring your pet's safety should you brake suddenly.



There are several main types of leashes:

Two Dog Leash

If you have two dogs, consider a double leash that allows you to walk both dogs simultaneously. We love the Two Dog Leash.

For dogs that pull

An excellent option for dogs that pull is the Rope Dog Leash from Pawtitas. This includes a bungee section that absorbs shock, sending it back to your dog rather than up your arm. This can save you from shoulder injuries when walking a more extensive, muscular dog.

Running Leash

DURABILITY AND STRENGTH: To increase the tensile strength of the product, it is constructed of a single piece of rip-stop nylon.  The reflective ribbon and neoprene are sewn on.  The product is folded over and reinforced for strength and durability. They are making the product an excellent choice for any pet.

An excellent option for running with your dog is the ANTI-SHOCK Running Dog Leash from Pawtitas. Neoprene padding is added for enhanced comfort in the belt and leash handle.

pawtitas running dog leash


We hope this guide has helped you decide which essential equipment you need to walk your dog safely and identify your dog. Buying good-quality products ensure longevity and durability. For something used daily, it is worth spending a little more for something that will last and reflect your personality and lifestyle.

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