1. According to the VCA Animals Hospital, the dog’s and cat’s largest organ is considered to be their skin and coat. The numbers or percentage that define the size of this organ in proportion to its entire body mass is 10 percent to 15 percent. 
  1. Based on research, the amount of coat that is said to be produced in hair follicles is thousands of hairs. The harsh environment that the hairs are exposed to imposes difficulties upon them, which visually and physically causes canines and felines to shed, eventually replacing them.
  1. When plant-based shampoo gathers ingredients from a conventionally grown plant, it does not provide as many beneficial nutrients to the skin. Unlike incorporating natural plant-based shampoo that’s comprised of organic elements, it causes the skin to be protected by antioxidants.
  1. What happens to humans, in terms of the substances that we absorb when placing products on our skin and into our bloodstream, is directly proportional to what happens with our furry best friends.
  1. As a result, it is advised to gather ingredients from vitamin-rich and nutrient-dense substances and create personalized, all-natural, organic, and herbal shampoo.
  1. As previously mentioned, Pawtitas dog shampoo products have the qualities of an all-natural material that encases high concentrations of vitamins, antioxidants, and anti-bacterial elements.

What roles do my pet’s skin and coat play in his health?

Your pet's immune system has certain parts that help maintain proper hydration and physical health, such as their skin and coat.

  • The skin and coat of dogs can protect an environment from harmful substances. The skin can protect all its internal organs and other external stressors. They also can use their skin as sensors for cold and heat due to nerve endings.
  • As previously discussed, the immune system of animals is nearly the same as ours. The immune system is still prone to be compromised by infections and other potential diseases.  
  • The coat of our pets acts as insulation that can withstand heat or cold. When our pets' skin is well-maintained, they can stabilize their body temperature.

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